Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thanksgiving times two, and my city is the greatest city ever.

 We had a wonderful Earley Thanksgiving with Meesha's family joining the usual suspects. I got very few pictures I'm afraid. We had such a nice dry fall, that I was able to pull all of the centerpiece runner from our yard. 

 We had Kira's home pressed cider for drinks --she sent some home with my parents and they generously shared.

 So sorry I didn't get any real posed shots! 

 In between our Earley Thanksgiving and real Thanksgiving I was able to attend Time Out for Women with my friends. The program was a little uneven, and I really liked some speakers better than others, but the time with my buddies was the main draw. I felt like I got spiritually fed for sure, but loved being with these ladies.

 For real Thanksgiving we went to Jeff's parents' in St. George. My parents came too, and we had a lot of fun. His mom cooked the entire meal before we got there --which blew me away. 
 We spent Friday at the temple. Jeff and I took the kids to do baptisms, and the parents all went and did ordinances upstairs. A little tip? NEVER try to do baptisms the day after Thanksgiving in St. George! We were waiting at least three hours. It is their record setting day of each year.

 The weekend after Thanksgiving, Mapleton has its community Christmas park lighting evening. I live in such a cool town.
 Every year the first graders from Mapleton elementary sing Christmas carols in the little old timey pavilion in the park. So cute but so cold for them! Kudos to the parents that bring their kids to do this. I'm betting there is some complaining before they get there!

 We were bundled up pretty thoroughly!

 Santa cameo --he was taking wishes in the city building later on.

 The city provided fire pits and smores kits for everyone. Free.
 All of these white streaks through the pictures are snowflakes. It just made it more magical for me.

 Quite the light display got turned on!
 Inside the city building there was a gingerbread house competition, and wreath making competition. They were auctioned off for charity I think?

Nice start to our Christmas season. We did miss having Tia there with us though.

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belann said...

Nice post. Didn't know Mapleton did that. I wish I didn't look 100 years old in the picture you got of me though. :(