Sunday, November 22, 2015

Snow lace.

 What a difference a week makes! After our hyper-pigmented autumn walk the week before, a storm blew through our city and took out the power for 3 hours. We knew we couldn't do much of anything else anyway, so I unhooked the garage door from the opener, and drove Kai and me up the canyon.  
 It was gorgeous. 
 I tried to look everywhere at once.
 Kai threw snowballs, made avalanches fall off of trees, and just pretended to be a real boy for the afternoon instead of the plugged in cyborg he often is.

 I thought of Narnia and the white witch, Russian fairy-tales, and childhood visits to grandma Hansen's house when every snowfall was a miracle to a San Diego born girl.

 We were a little nervous crossing the stream, but our microspikes got us safely across. I can't recommend them highly enough! They have changed winter for me.

 Maybe knowing that it wouldn't last made it more valuable for me. Snow in the trees is a fragile, brief thing for us around here. Snow lasts in ice on my driveway for weeks in winter, but this delicate tracery is ephemeral.
 Not many tracks, but someone got up here with cross country skis ahead of us. 

 Wedding lace.



belann said...

The beauty made me almost like snow. Almost.

CowanTravels said...

These pics are so beautiful!