Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dripping rocks and gardens

Well, I'm done with activity days. I got my job switched at church, and no longer work with the 8-11 year old girls in our stake (group of ten congregations). I'm now going to be working with the cub scouts which will be a whole new adventure (although I have a lot to learn).  Last week though, I had a last fun time hiking up Spanish Fork's Dripping rock trail  with an activity day girl's group. It was beautiful!

The girls had a great time, and so did I. I especially had a good time with the other leader's little boy, who had to be only three or four, was a great conversationalist, and even ate my pizza flavored dumdum sucker which every other kid rejected. 

 We had our ward picnic (church congregations are called wards) one night, and Jeff talked the bird rescue people into coming to present to us. It was amazing. These were the same guys who showed us the owls up at Sundance last winter, but this time they also brought a peregrine falcon that was just gorgeous. We spent a lot of time shushing the kids so we could hear her talk about these birds. I really hope I made no kid enemies with my shushes!

 Every one was supposed to bring a dish to share (classic church potluck dinner), and I seriously considered bringing tomatoes, as my garden is bursting with tomatoes and cucumbers right now. After spending literally all day last Saturday canning salsa, I just ended up putting some on my porch to share. 

 I wish my gardens looked like this--bursting with flowers instead! Jeff and I took our date up to temple square in Salt Lake last weekend, and I had to take an aerial picture of some of the gardens. Someday I'm going to apply to be a peon worker helping the designer of these gardens. They blow me away. 


Meeshab said...

Go cub scouts! You should have brought bruschetta! Or tomato cucumber salad! Yum!

Meeshab said...

Go cub scouts! You should have brought bruschetta! Or tomato cucumber salad! Yum!

belann said...

Lots of fun and games with Cub Scouts. Sounds fun...

CowanTravels said...

Cub scouts.....I'd be terrified! Good luck!