Monday, July 20, 2015

and everyone came!

I've wanted to do this post for two weeks now, but it's a biggie. From the 4th of July weekend, through the 11th and 12th, my whole family got together. Family get togethers are my favorite thing. However, although it makes me sad to admit it, I was so worried so much of the time about how things were going, and the things I said and did, and how people took those things, I wasted some of the joy. How do you stay in the moment for the most important moments of your life? I need to meditate more I guess. But look at this crystal clear picture above-- doesn't that look like a fabulous party? It was.

We had magical fairies tied to the ends of sticks for the kids to wave around. 

We had mile wide smiles. 

We had smoke and fire and explosions. We even had the field on the next block catch on fire more than once to just add to the excitement. 

Great food --how much better is summer food than the rest of the year's food?

Here my Dad passes on his great knowledge of sparkler lighting.

I wished I always had a nice show for these little ones to stay and watch. Maybe then they'd stay little.  

We tried to get together every day to go play somewhere. One day was Thanksgiving Point Discovery Museum, which looks cool in this picture,

and this one, but was actually a madhouse of kids, and was pretty scary to five moms trying not to lose any of their charges. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we walked out with the same number of kids we walked in with.

We took one day to just do IKEA. We were supposed to do some cool crafts afterwards, but by the time we finished the rat maze/amusement park that is that huge store, we all wanted to do what Henrietta did through most of it. I got some cute, inexpensive umbrellas, but they were probably not worth the headache I left with too. I enjoyed it up through the 85% mark, then was DONE!

 On the first Sunday everyone was here (dang --I got out of order!), we had dinner at my mom's,

 Then headed over to the park to take family pictures. To be honest, NONE of us were excited about this, but recognized it was the only time we had all been together for years (except poor Deja's Sam who was missing -- teaching a class). We sucked it up and headed over.

 The pictures turned out pretty great (thank you Deja!), especially considering the quickly setting sun, and everyone's starting attitudes! There is always someone making jokes to lighten the mood in my family, so it worked out.

 All of the grandkids in one place!

 and the old people :)

  We're quite the crowd!
 These are my cool siblings. It would take a long time to list all of their talent and great qualities, but trust me, you wish they were yours.

The end of the week was special. We rented a big, duplex in Park city together so we could party 24 hours a day for a the last few days. It was gorgeous country!

It had a big game room that connected the two sides, where all of the kids young and old spent a lot of time.

There was also a hot tub on the balcony of each unit which was a hit with the littles.

In addition to my parents and siblings and their families, we also got my cousins Tracey and Cyndi to drive from Colorado, with Cyndi's husband, kids, and grandkids (she's in the middle --does she look like a grandma to you?)!

Cyndi's younger daughter bonded with my Ari, and they talked for hours at a time. That made me super happy.

My aunt Dawn and Uncle Charlie traveled from Washington too to hang out. They are a blast. I know we probably seem really young and dumb to them, but to me, they make me feel like we are all the same age. 

We played games together. My cousin put together a huge "get to know you" scavenger hunt that got us all talking and asking each other questions. 

There were a few big surprises for all of us! 

Right at the end of the block, just a couple of houses down, was a lovely trail with views of downtown Park City. 

But we spent a lot of time indoors, just enjoying each other's company.

We did take one outing to the Olympic park and ski museum. My brother and his family took a fantasy ski trip together.

We strolled around downtown looking at the cute shops and art galleries.

One gallery we were sure to hit was the one where my cousin is a director. They got out the one painting they had left that he hadn't sold to let us see it.

But we enjoyed many of the pieces.

Ari was supposed to be touching these! They opened up in a few layers --kind of a neat concept for a sculpture.

Although I loved having everyone there, it made me too excited to sleep past 6:00 am any of the mornings, so I took myself on some great hikes along the trail near us. It crossed under a park city ski lift, 
and also passed some historic steel from one of the old silver mines. Pretty cool. 
Of course the best parts were natural.

The only bad thing about this family reunion was the end. It's a rotten part of our modern world that everyone flies to the winds following where the jobs lead. In my ideal world, everyone of us would live next door --like in a yellow submarine.


belann said...

Thank you so much sweet daughter for creating this. Thanks also for organizing the home in Park City. Brings wonderful memories to my mind and tears to my eyes as I read it. I'm also for the "yellow submarine." Miss everyone.

Meeshab said...

Me too! Sitting here, crying. I needed to look at this today. It's beautiful perspective

Meeshab said...

Me too! Sitting here, crying. I needed to look at this today. It's beautiful perspective

Deja said...

I really, really loved it. I want the yellow submarine! Henrietta is still sick, and this morning she kept saying, "I want Ari! I want Ari!" I want Ari too, and all the rest of you.

Terry said...

Nicely done. You caught the feelings. Thank you.

CowanTravels said...

How did I miss this? What a wonderful visit in every way! We've talked about renting a big house for our clan too. How fun!