Sunday, October 19, 2014


 Fall. Oh my goodness. It's gorgeous around here. Jeff and I took our Friday night treat up the mountain with lawn chairs and just enjoyed the sunset and beautiful valley. We talked about how it seems like since we started spending more time outside, we've gotten to really love where we live. We are so spoiled. 

We are NOT good selfie takers! 
 The sky is a deep, deep blue.
 The bushes look like flower arrangements.
 We did steal one frame of honey from our bees, maybe next year we can track down a spinner we don't feel dumb paying to rent. With only 7 frames full we couldn't justify renting a 9 frame spinner. Next year...
 I just cut and slow -melted the one frame's worth of honey. 
 I love my babies more than I love running and autumn trees, but it seems like I never post pictures of them. I have three little readers. I wonder where they got that from? 
Kai has a few good buddies I'm really grateful for. All of our kids are very settled in our little town. Here they are on another mother's roof --probably good I wasn't around, but I'm glad they had a little adventure. 


Kelli said...

Glad I wasn't around to see the kids on the roof.
But, glad I was around to see this beautiful fall scenery. thanks for the pictures.

belann said...

You really do live in a lovely part of the world. It's good you recognize and enjoy it. I also love your "babies".

CowanTravels said...