Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jeff and I sneak out snowshoeing

On the district calendar it said that Tia and Kai weren't going back to school until the 4th.  For some reason that calendar was wrong? and everyone seemed to know that except for us.  Whatever.  Anyway Jef and I were happy because he still had the day off work and we could go snowshoeing together.   All y'all that live here in Utah take this kind of stuff for granted, but where I grew up it looked like this in summer:

This in spring:
This in fall:

...and this in winter.
 After 20 years living here, I'm still not used to this in winter:
 The sun was shining, and Jeff and I didn't even wear real coats.  We used poles, a lot of the trail we went on hadn't had anyone on it before us, and the poles helped with balance.  Most of the time it was just us and the snow.  We did run into Karla and her crazy dogs, and one other couple, but that was over the course of almost two hours.

I still can't believe all of that beauty was real. Do you know when you're experiencing something -say you're eating a piece of cheesecake, and it's so good, you're afraid you're not experiencing it deep enough?  That's what it was like for me.  I kept trying to memorize and internalize how beautiful it was.  To "drink it in" as Anne of Green Gables would say.


Kelli said...

ahh, Anne, drink it in. I totally know what you mean.

Kira said...

Is "Karla" her real name or did you give it to her? I hope as long as I live I don't get "used" to this snow :)

Jacobson Five said...

Maybe someday I'll try the snow shoeing thing, maybe when I wouldn't have to have a baby strapped to my back to do it.

Meeshab said...

I want to go snowshoeing! If you weren't freezing, I'm right there with ya, drink it in, drink it in. Looks freeeeeezing!!!!! Glad your coming. It was 71 here today! Deja was still cold though!

belann said...

Ummm. Does look beautiful, but I'm not a real fan of the cold. Your feeling about Utah is something like I felt when I first moved to San Diego after we married. Couldn't get used to the wonderful sameness of the weather--even in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Erin says she has done it before but I haven't ever gone.