Monday, December 6, 2010

That's why they call them skullcrushers.

So, I finally got around to doing bi's tri's, and shoulders on Saturday.  All last week I focused on big muscle groups, because I know that they will work things like shoulders and arms anyway, and I felt like I've lost some muscle mass in the last couple of weeks.  But then toward the end of the week I noticed some definition and mass loss in my arms too, so decided to hit them up.

I like to superset everything because time is always of the essence for me, so I did a cool rotation between the three:

bi curls with triceps overhead press (dumbbells for both)
shoulder press with preacher curls (dumbbells again)
(shoulder) dumbbell side raises with triceps kickbacks
biceps cable curls with triceps cable extensions
shoulder front raises with biceps hammer curls (dumbbells)
internal and external rotators on shoulders (i've had injuries in the past and I'm trying to build them up) with Skullcrushers for triceps ---and here's where I had a problem (so glad it was the last superset)

We've got a bench that has a pin that only goes halfway through the adjust holes.  That's how it's made.  There's a plastic sleeve that fits inside to keep it from shifting from side to side and letting the pin drop out if its hole, but that plastic sleeve has been broken for10 of the 14 years we've had the bench.  I guess I didn't double check the pin, and when I was a couple of reps into my skullcrushers (see the link if you don't know what these are), the pin shifted out and the bench collapsed.  Taken off guard, my arms must have given way, and one20 lb. dumbbell hit me in the head (thank goodness it was a high-rep lower weight rotation!).  Here's a shot of it 2 days later:

No biggie right?  It was scary looking at the time.  You know how head wounds bleed a lot?  Yeah.  My ten year old ran downstairs when she heard me yelling for my husband and started screaming "I don't want my mom to die!!" That was encouraging.  My husband did a spontaneous Jacob Black imitation and ripped off his shirt to hold to my head, but it was completely lost on me and he was a little disappointed I think.  "How come you didn't say 'I'm sort of beautiful'?"  Riiiight.  Just so everyone knows, when you're bleeding and hurting, you don't CARE how anyone looks.   Jeff didn't let me finish my last sets or let me do the Christmas tree that day.  I just laid in bed until his work Christmas party that the devil and all his angels couldn't keep me from (someone else cooks for me?  I'm there). It was still oozing blood at the dinner table, but was so worth it for that dinner.  Plus, I got to wear my sequin fancy top.


Kira said...

Any reason to wear your fancy sequin top. I love the drama of Ari. She brings it all into perspective. I really miss her. Glad you didn't die!

belann said...

So glad you are all right, and got to finish your workout. The difference between you and me is that I would use the head-whacking as the perfect excuse to miss the party.

Kelli said...

i was hopding to see a photo with a little more blood, but that's how we are around here. Glad you made it to the party.

Deja said...

Yikes! You guys need a new bench, sounds like.

Kellie said...

Hi Amara! Thanks so much for stopping by and participating in the conversation on my blog. I look forward to following your blog as well.


Terry Earley said...

I did not want Ari's mom to die either, but it sure must have looked like it to her.

Glad it did not hit you in the nose. Then it would have really bled.