Monday, April 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Half

(before shot --this was all I ate of this dry toast by the way. I was so nervous I left it at home next to my coat.)

OK bear with me, because this was a big deal for me. I've never been a fast runner --my mom and I always were of the theory that the closer your feet were to the ground, and the shorter your steps were the better time you had on your run. I used to tell my mom when I was in Jr. High that my idea of hell was a bunch of tracks. When high school hit though, we were jogging together. Funny how that puberty weight gain changes your perspective (did i just say puberty? sorry.). Anyway, running (I really should say jogging) was my method of choice for exercise for years. When I moved to Mapleton though I met Wendy's Tae Bo class and it KICKED MY BUTT. And it was more fun. And my friends went. No more running. Then the class decided to enter the Wasatch Back Relay, and I needed to train and couldn't make myself, but my friend Kelli had a great idea --let's enter this half marathon together. One word about Kelli: major foot surgerieS (more than one) less than a year ago. She wasn't even WALKING a year ago. So we entered and started training. I want to get to a 8.5 minute mile pace for the Wasatch Back, and so I've been really trying to push my time and speed. I decided if I did 13.1 miles anywhere between 8.5 and 9 minutes I would be happy. Istarted out at the back of the pack thinking I would feel better if i passed a few people than if they all passed me.

So the pack really annoyed me by about 3 minutes into the race. The path was pretty narrow and there were all of these people running together (Kelli and I decided that running is like reading --it's an individual pursuit. You don't go up to someone and say "wanna read books?" --unless you're Meesha :) ). So they would spread out and roadblock the whole path. A little annoying. But I have to say narrow paths and all it was a beautiful beautiful course. See Kellis's blog for pictures along the way. I didn't want to lose those 23 seconds. We went through the gardens, past the biggest manmade waterfall in North America (can that be right?), and then along the Jordan River. I saw a pair of Canada geese land together on the river. I'm in the picture above, the girl slightly behind the other girls. This was right near the end of the race. Those girls picked it up for the last mile, and I told myself I'd keep up with them. Haha -I passed them (woohoo --told you you had to bear with me). See that guy out in front?

Here he is going "heeeey!" as I smoked him (hee hee). I don't think people usually care about sprinting and passing people at the end of a half marathon --it's not that kind of a race. But it made me feel good. I'm sorry I sound like such a jerk. So guess what my finish pace was? 8:57 minute miles. Yay! Just under the 9 minute mark so I'll take it. Jeff DID say "what --did you go to the bathroom a few times along the way?" but then said he was just mixed up with his numbers....yeah yeah whatever. I love him still.

So tenth in my age group, which doesn't sound very impressive, but that means I beat 60 other people in my age group right? And I was 158 out of 583 people. I was happy with it. I've still got some work to do before Wasatch Back. This was a flat flat course. No downhill really, and no uphill. The Ragnar Relay will have legs of straight up where I've clocked myself at a speedy 12 minute mile. Oh well. That's life --always a new goal.I was FREEZING after it was over. I promised myself a big ol' Iceberg shake when it was done, but all I wanted was hot chocolate. I got it. I love my sweet husband.


Kelli said...

23 seconds. haha. loved reading your version. thanks again. So glad we did it. good luck with Wasatch Back.

Launie said...

Great job! I also enjoy running by myself (well, by myself is actually me pushing the kids in the stroller). Congrats on a great race!

Lee said...

Congrats! One day I will get it together and be like you :)

belann said...

So proud of you. Wish I could have done it with you.

Deja said...

Wahooooo! You are so cool. Someday, someday, maybe we sisters could do a run together. I mean, alone (because I'm pretty sure we're all like that), but at the same time/place. Then again, we have fun when we run around mama's neighborhood. Those are lovely memories for me.

Anyway, you ROCK!

Terry Earley said...

This is awesome! I still remember the sense of accomplishment in actually finishing the Lemon Grove 5k. Now it seems wimpy, but i is all your perspective.

We are so proud of you.

Jacobson Five said...

Way to go! You and Kelli are both my heros. What a great accomplishment!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Congrats Amara! I really admire your gumption- you are always working towards something. Way to go!