Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cornhusk Nativity (Thanks Kelli!)

I've got a lot of posts to catch up on, a couple of catering ones, and our family trip to Disneyland (!) but first things first, and we did this first. Please check back and comment on the other posts, they should be going up in the next couple of days.
My friend Kelli recently posted on making cornhusk dolls, so I begged a tutorial off of her. I then proceded to invite myself and all of my kids over to her house for her to show us her secrets. She was very nice, and didn't kick us to the curb which she probably wanted to --just a couple days before Thanksgiving. We had a second session at my house to finish up a full nativity for both families. The kids had some GREAT ideas too on making animals and crowns. Here's ours.

Tia started first with her shepherd. All the other dolls looked like buff giants next to it, so we made him a shepherd instead of Joseph so Mary didn't get a fat complex. Then the neighbor girl had an idea for a sheep --if you squint, and it's next to the shepherd you get the idea right?

This is our Mary and Joseph and baby in the manger. You can't tel with this picture a little washed out, but there's a little head peeking out of the "swaddling". I did the baby and Tia did the manger. Ari did Mary (with a little help) and I did Joseph.

These are the three kings. Aren't they cool? Tia had the idea for the crowns --maybe with the neighbor's help.

OK, this was my favorite. The neighbor girl had this idea, and I was doubtful it would work at all --but the three kings need a camel right? I love it.

Almost forgot the angel, but we had enough stalks just to finish her. Come over next fall if you's like to make some with us next year. It's a really fun family activity.


Kelli said...

love it! Ours is on the mantle. And I would NEVER kick you out to the curb!

belann said...

That is really cool. What a neat activity.

Anonymous said...