Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For last Friday's reception I had clients who had traveled quite a bit, and had even lived in Israel for a while, and their choices reflected their exotic background. Loved it. We did falafel and pitas with some neat sauces. We did some ranch for the non-adventurous types, but really, it didn't get used. What went quickly were the Tahini-lemon sauce, and the cucumber-mint sauce. I was kind of proud of our guests.
We also did some standard things like fruit, and chocolate dipped strawberries, and there were some sheet cakes too, but when we started serving the wedding cake, it was decimated! I've never seen a wedding cake get eaten like that. People raved about it. I guess I should get the baker's card or something. Raspberry filling. Yum (except I couldn't eat any --bummer).
The bride's mother rented a huge, fantastic tent who's stakes only tripped me once (a record for clutzy me). It was lovely. The bride, of course, was beautiful. Long dark hair, and tiny perfect dress and figure. The mother too, who is a friend of mine from Tae Bo you could tell had been hitting all of her workouts. :)
We also did some neat breads --Joshua rolls, asiago rolls, foccacia, parkerhouse, and whole wheat. Honey and Grains bakery really kicked in for me this time. It was a little more expensive than Provo bakery, but I got some nice feedback from guests on quality.

Here's a better shot of the falafel and its sauces. We ctarted out folding them for the guests, but then decided to leave them separate. These pitas weren't the best I'm afraid. I will use a different option next time.
OK, I had to get a shot of this. We had the tables set up on the west side of the tent to start with, and it got too hot, so we had all the strong guys move the tables for me to the east side of the tent. No problem for them it seemed.
These guys were also amazing when it came to loading and unloading my car. I swear my car was unloaded in five minutes once I arrived ---and you should have SEEN my car. Literally floor to ceiling packed. Also the first time I've had first rate help for cleanup and loading in a long time. Very classy.


belann said...

Yea for the help. Finally, someone who came through. The food looks exotic and wonderful--as usual.

Deja said...

It seems like you're getting better and better at this. And you were a genius to begin with.

Summer said...

Wish I could have helped with this one, sounds interesting. (kelli)